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Business TV


With Business TV you can choose the package that best fits your needs and adds the most value for your business.

  • Offices
    • Makes wait times feel shorter, break times more enjoyable and keep everyone abreast of the latest news, industry information, sports and entertainment!
  • Restaurants & Bars
    • With Business TV service, your customers can get the sports channels they want, and you keep your establishment “the place to go throughout the sports year.”
      • NBA: Lakers & Clippers o MLB: Dodgers & Angels
      • NHL: Kings & Mighty Ducks o NFL: Your favorite team!
      • Soccer: Galaxy o & More
  • Hotels
    • While relaxing in their rooms, your guests expect quality television entertainment to include all of their favorite shows, news & sports entertainment. We offer a variety of entertainment packages to meet their needs.

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  • We offer:
    • Competitively priced packages
    • Popular local broadcast & cable networks
    • News, business, sports, weather, family, and more …

Catalina Broadband Solutions Hospitality Suite

  • Providing the highest quality TV entertainment and high speed Internet access are critical components of delivering an enhanced experience for your guests while staying at your property!
  • We offer a variety of bundled TV and Internet packages to meet your needs.
    • Quality digital & HD Television options
    • In-room High-speed Internet
    • In-room & Outdoor WiFi
  • Our solutions provide affordable service and worry-free management. Including free:
    • 24/7 technical support for both your guests & staff
    • Your guest can call our technical support hotline directly; leaving your staff available to focus on their job of enhancing the guests overall experience.
  • Our hospitality in-room WiFi service is engineered to minimize weak coverage areas and provide the most advanced technology solution available!
  • Your guests receive the superior experience and technology they expect with their stay.
  • Whether you are a small property or large resort, we provide customized packages designed to provide peace of mind!

For a consultation with an Account Representative, please call 310.510.0255.